Year of Creative Habits // Week 5

Late again – argh! This week I finally spent some holiday gift cards (I usually agonize over how to spend them for a couple of months haha) on art supplies. After January’s Art Snacks box, I had to buy more of the Golden high flow acrylics… and I basically haven’t stopped using them! I’ve gone crazy with them in my other art journals too. I really need to post more about other projects I’m doing right now. Anyway, here are the post-its from week 5:

My favorite has to be the crow/raven of day 30, I really love how that came out. I also, against my better judgement, decided to take part in the Badass Women Challenge on Instagram (hosted by theinkyhand and samzawrites) from February 1 (day 32). It’s a great challenge, but it’s been stressing me out a little bit. I don’t have much time on the week days for art after work and I want to do a good job with the portraits, so I end up rushing them and not liking them much. Damn being a perfectionist!

The new season of Get Messy has started this week, so expect some more regular posts!

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