Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 10 & 11

I’ve been slacking with this blog again! I’m still going strong with Year of Creative Habits and we’ve just wrapped up Season 13 of Get Messy – I will be making a long post about that soon, since I completely forgot to post about it as I was going along. One day I’ll get into the swing of blogging instead of just posting everything on Instagram!

Week 10

During week 10 I started Connie Solera‘s 21emBody challenge on Instagram, where the prompts were anatomy/body based. I had fun with it for just over a week and then in true me fashion, decided I wanted to do something else. I think 3 months in, the lesson is not to do challenges within the challenge! I work much better when I’m left to my own devices (but I knew that already). I do really like what I made for day 66, 67, and 68 though. The heart is the only one that didn’t get stuck in the book, I framed it for my husband’s birthday instead.

Week 11

Week 11 was the tail end of my 21emBody attempts. The rest of the week I dedicated to more of the Get Messy tutorials, including finally buying watercolors (day 76) and modeling paste (day 77). It’s been so fun experimenting with different mediums! I really love how days 75, 76, and 77 turned out. Day 77 also saw me start my third post-it art book – I can’t believe I’ve filled up three already! I also started Vanessa‘s Basic Bookbinding class via Get Messy, so I made the book using the Coptic stitch I learnt:


You can find a super-quick flip-through of my second book on my Instagram 🙂

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