Get Messy Season of Art 101

I had every intention of documenting this season week by week, but that clearly didn’t happen! I have to admit that I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this season, but it was so wonderful! I’ve tried so many new mediums, found ones I love, and I feel like my art has improved so much in six weeks! It has also been wonderful to see all the other Messians flourish and grow during this season. I’ve really enjoyed chatting to everyone on Instagram, Facebook, and the Get Messy website. Here’s how my season went…

Week 1

I had a great start to the season with week 1. I learned from my first season that I should probably make a separate journal for each season. However, it did spill into my other journals and projects just because I love the tutorials and prompts so much!

My Season of Art 101 accordion fold journal, made out of junk mail and decorated with high flow acrylics.
Pre-season challenge – a self portrait out of security envelopes.
Making marks on post-its with watercolor pencils and water-based pens.
Learning to walk again. Based on a prompt, using acrylic paint markers in my “main” moleskine journal. Lyrics by Foo Fighters.
Day 39 of YOCH and a page in the season of art journal (above), using Vanessa’s tutorial from week 1. I used paint markers and acrylics instead of gouache.

Week 2

I didn’t do as much in week 2, as I got a horrible cold, but I did end up making one of my favorite pages (which is really a four page spread) using Riet’s prompts and tutorial:

I used the post-its above, tissue, bubble wrap, collage material, stencils, thread, and brush pens to make this long spread in my season of art journal. Lyrics by Windhand.

Week 3

This week, Pam Garrison shared an awesome tutorial on layers and I had to try it in my big “resistance” sketchbook. I wasn’t super happy with how it turned out (I kind of botched the image at the end) but it was a fun process and I’ll definitely be using it again in my journals. I did a step-by-step of the process on Instagram:

I also used layers in some of my post-its from that week, which I’ve shared already.

Week 4

This was a really fun week, and I’ve made a ton of pages using the prompts and tutorials from it! A lot of my YOCH post-its have the techniques I learned. Here are the pages in my season of art or other journals:

My life in lines, using felt tips.
Expressive lines in my moleskine journal, using Julia’s tutorial.
Connected lettering using Jennifer’s tutorial. I covered over this and ended up with the spread below:
The final spread. I used Julia’s technique here too (and on most things in the last few weeks!).

Week 5

I didn’t do a ton this week, but I did make another of my favorite pages. I also used the techniques in some of my YOCH post-its:

A combination of Pam’s tutorial from week 3 and Elizabeth’s tutorial from this week. I love how it turned out, even if it was done in anger!

Week 6

The final week was a super busy one in terms of what I made! I started Vanessa’s bookbinding class, took up Sasha‘s no-sew journal challenge, and went back to some of the early tutorials since I finally bought watercolors and gouache! My YOCH post-its also got the new medium treatment!

Scrap collage using Ashley’s tutorial.
I went back to week 1 to try Sasha’s watercolor tutorial when I finally bought a palette! I combined it with Elizabeth’s drawing tutorial from week 5. I love how it turned out!

My first attempt at Coptic stitch using Vanessa’s class. I messed it up by looping the thread under the wrong stitch, but it’s okay! I figured it out for my tiny post-it art journal and I’ll be redoing this once I get a chance.

My no-sew mini journal, as challenged by Sasha! I made this in a couple of hours and it was so fun (and cathartic). I’m thinking of turning it into a series.

Phew! That was a lot to get through. Maybe next time I won’t leave it to a massive post haha. As I said, this season was so much fun and I made so many pages I’m happy with. I’m excited for the next season (but kind of glad for the break, I need to work on my collabs with other Messians!).

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