Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 14 & 15

I’m forever behind with posting about this project! I do have somewhat of an excuse this time – my whole family came from Wales to visit me for two weeks! It was my parents’ first time in the United States, and it was really nice having everyone here 🙂

Week 14

Get Messy’s Season of Contrast started during this week, so I tested out some of the tutorials and prompts on my post-its (days 93 and 96). I also made a Layne Staley tribute on day 95 and I was really pleased with my Invader Zim drawing on day 98 (it’s coming back as a TV movie – yayyy!).

Week 15

This was the week my family were here, and they were the subject of a few of the post-its -including my 100th day! I also made some intuitive paintings on days 101 and 102, and I ended up rushing the last three because we were in Anaheim (for our first time at Disneyland!) and a Dodger game.

Big changes have happened with my project this week, but that will have to wait until my next post! I hope everyone’s projects are going well!

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