Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 18 & 19

I have so much to blog about – I still haven’t finished my round-up of Season of Contrast, the new season of Get Messy (Colour!) started yesterday, and I did something really exciting this week because of my art! All will be revealed… but now I think I should give a much needed update on my Year of Creative Habits project!

Week 18

Most of week 18 was taken up with finishing my Season of Contrast journal. Every piece (except the first one, which is in my huge altered book) is in the SoC journal. I will delve further into those when I get to my Get Messy round-up post! My favorites are Day 120, 123, and 125. Lots of lovely layering!!

Week 19

During week 19, I said goodbye to my 20s! To mark turning 30, I made the page on day 129. It didn’t turn out quite how I imagined, but I think it says what I wanted it to. Again, all of these pages are from my Season of Contrast journal. My favourites are day 131 and 133. I think 133 is one of the best pages I’ve ever made. Very happy with where my art is heading at the moment. I think I need to post another update to fully catch up – watch this space!

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