Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 20 & 21

Almost all caught up! Here are my creative efforts for weeks 20 and 21:

Week 20

Day 134 was the final page (and conclusion) of Get Messy Season of Contrast! The rest of the images are either from the huge altered book I’m working in (days 135, 136, 138 & 140) or a small notebook I was gifted and now carry around with me (days 137 and 139). I am really happy with how day 135 turned out and how 136 is going. The death of Chris Cornell also weighed heavily on my mind that week.

Week 21

In week 21 I worked a lot in the small notebook, as I had a lot going on and not much time. I also took it on a mini-vacation with me – I made a few backgrounds for the trip on day 146 since I wouldn’t have a lot of supplies with me. I was really happy with day 141 from this week. I’m enjoying working on a big scale after working so small for months. Hopefully I can stay on top of these updates from now on!

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