Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 24 & 25

Week 24

This week was (still) all about portraits! I made a commission for my friends in Australia, Jhonny and Bianca; I had a dabble on Reddit Gets Drawn and made a portrait of a zombie nurse and a purple haired flapper; I continued with my season of colour circle journal; and I shaved part of my head, which inspired day 168! I think my favorite has to be day 165, though.

Week 25

Week 25 was a bit of a mixed bag. I got out of my comfort zone with a few Get Messy tutorials (especially on day 172!); I drew a few more portraits; and I was also sent an amazing burlesque dancer stamp by Crystal Media Arts which I used to experiment on day 174. Her stamps are so fun and unique, I highly recommend them! I think my faves from this week are days 170 and 173.

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