Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 28 & 29

Time for a Year of Creative Habits catch-up!

Week 28

This week was a mixed bag of art! I was still working on my Twin Peaks journal for Get Messy Season of Colour, but also doing a lot of quick pieces in my “main” journal. I also ended up making a new journal on Day 209 purely to use up scraps of paper I’d been hoarding! My faves from this week are the Marc Maron portrait from Day 204 and the Laura Palmer “Meanwhile…” portrait on Day 205.

Week 29

This week saw me finishing off projects (Get Messy Season of Colour), starting new ones (100 Days of All About Me), and taking part in challenges (Time Skip meme and Art Snacks Challenge). I was also making art in my “main” journal. I like to skip around, what can I say?! Faves from this week are my Lady Olenna from Game of Thrones on Day 212 and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks on Day 217. Thanks to Art Snacks I also discovered I LOVE acrylic ink – I really want to buy more of it.

I hope everyone else is doing well with their year long projects! I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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