Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 30 & 31

Still moving along with my Year of Creative Habits! Here are my pages/projects from weeks 30 and 31:

Week 30

This week I continued with the 100 Days of All About Me project (days 219, 220, 221 and 223), started a journal for Get Messy‘s Season of Fairytales (days 222 and 224) and continued in the scrappy journal I made. I’m really happy with how my wolf journal turned out! It was a riff on the mushroom journal Misty made and had as a tutorial on the Get Messy paid site. I didn’t want to copy exactly, so I decided on the wolf instead. I also really like the page I made after watching Lost Highway on day 218.

Week 31

This week I was working on a number of different projects. I continued with 100 Days of All About Me, Season of Fairytales, and working in my “main” anything goes journal. I started an interesting conversation over on Instagram about harassment on public transport on day 229. I was also really enjoying coming home from work, finding a cute dog on Reddit Gets Drawn, and spending a couple of hours drawing/painting their portraits. Day 230 is my fave!

Do you draw/paint to unwind? What do you like to create?

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