Year of Creative Habits // Weeks 32 & 33

Year of Creative Habits recap time!

Week 32


This week I was carrying on with the 100 Days of All About Me challenge (days 232, 237 and 238), Get Messy‘s Season of Fairytales (day 233), and drawing dogs from Reddit Gets Drawn (days 234-236). My favorite page has to be the grumpy dog from day 235, which also won as a fave of the week on the subreddit by one of the mods!

Week 33


There was only one new project started this week, on day 239. This is the mini journal I started making for September’s Awesome Ladies Project theme. The rest of the week was dedicated to 100 Days of All About Me (days 240-241), Season of Fairytales (days 242, 243 and 245), and another cute dog (day 244). I really like how the Get Messy pages turned out, even though I’m not really feeling this season.

How are your yearly projects going?

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