me Hello! My name is Sarah. I’m a Welsh mixed-media artist, currently based in Southern California. By day I document the lives of others as an Archivist, and the rest of the time I love to document my own life through journals.

I started keeping written journals in the year 2000 (aged 13) and kept it up for all of my teen years. I always loved art as a child/teen, but somewhere along the line convinced myself I was no good and shouldn’t continue. I dabbled in altered books and zines for a bit, but felt they weren’t for me. However, in 2009, I came across a book called Journal Revolution: Rise Up and Create! by Karen Dinino and Linda Woods and I was opened up to the wonderful world of art journaling.

I slowly began to introduce visual elements to my journals – and the rest is history! Although my journals have evolved a lot over time, I have always dug deep to explore my own thoughts and feelings. Other strong influences in my work include: music and lyrics, feminism, politics/current affairs, technology, and witchiness. I like to joke that I explore the dark… with bright colors!

The majority of my art journals and pieces are available to view on this website. Please feel free to take a look around!


Creative Teams

  • Well Inked Box ambassador (2018-2019)
  • Awesome Ladies Project creative team member (2017/8)

Art Shows

  • Illustractions Zine release party at Welcome to Junior High (2017)