me Hello! My name is Sarah Mason, I’m a Welsh mixed-media artist currently based in SoCal, and I love to document my life through journals.

I started keeping written journals at the turn of the century (aged 13) and I discovered art journaling around 2009. I always loved art as a child and teen, but never thought I was any good and didn’t pursue it in school. Instead, I studied History and fell in love with archives. I qualified as an Archivist in 2012 and have worked in a wide-range of archives since. I used to think my two passions weren’t connected – but of course they are!

As an Archivist, I organize, describe, and preserve what is essentially the memories of others so they can be accessed by the public and their stories can be discovered. As someone who has been memory-keeping over half my life, I value and enjoy being able to give a voice to other people for years to come.

I am also an introvert (INFJ) and often struggle with anxiety. Being creative with my journals and adding a visual element to them helps me to process my thoughts and relaxes me like nothing else. There is no pressure in my journals to make amazing art – I have the freedom to express myself and document my life how I want; it’s just the best.

Although my journals have evolved over time, I have always dug deep to explore my own feelings, feminism, politics/current affairs, music, technology, and witchiness. I like to joke that I explore dark themes with bright colors! Outside of my journals I like to dabble in pet portraits and contribute to zines.


Creative Teams

Art Shows

  • Illustractions Zine release party at Welcome to Junior High (2017)