Exhibit: Postcards for Democracy

I am very excited to share that a postcard of mine will be on display as part of the Mark Mothersbaugh & Beatie Wolfe: Postcards for Democracy exhibit at The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Ft. Myers, Florida, which opened on May 17! Mark Mothersbaugh is a big influence of mine and I strongly believe inContinue reading “Exhibit: Postcards for Democracy”

Looking Back On 2017 & My 2018 Goals

In February 2017 I laid out my goals for the year on the Get Messy forum. I was concerned it was too ambitious with working a 40 hour a week job, but I think I did pretty well! Here’s how my year went: Goal 1: Participate in Get Messy ✓ My goal was to createContinue reading “Looking Back On 2017 & My 2018 Goals”

Illustractions Release Party & Art Show

One of my goals this year has been to submit my work to zines, so in March I came across a call for a new Los Angeles based zine called Illustractions and decided to submit a few pieces for consideration. Ari got back to me pretty quickly to tell me that one of my pagesContinue reading “Illustractions Release Party & Art Show”