Art Journals & Projects

Making Peace With the Past (Jan-Mar 2018) [on hold]

Wales Travel Journal (Dec 2017-Jan 2018)

Letters to my 18 Year Old Self (Sep 2017-Jan 2018) [on hold]

“100 Days of All About Me” (Aug-Nov 2017)

Get Messy Season of Fairytales (Aug-Oct 2017)

Awesome Ladies Projects (Jul-Oct 2017)

Women Rising Collab (Mar-Sep 2017)

Get Messy Season of Color (Jun-Aug 2017)

Mini Journals (Mar-Jun 2017)

Get Messy Season of Contrast (Apr-May 2017)

Collaboration with Beatriz Helton (Jan 2016-Apr 2017)

Scrap Collage Journal (Nov 2016-Apr 2017)

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