Art Journals

I was 13 when I started writing in journals consistently, which means I have been a journal-keeper for over half of my life! I occasionally doodled in my journals throughout my teens, but I didn’t discover art journaling until around 2009. I stumbled across the book Journal Revolution by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino when looking for craft ideas, and it completely changed my life! From there I discovered the art journal community online and I have been an art journaler ever since. These days I work mainly in journals I’ve made (although I do sometimes like to work in Moleskine sketchbooks!) and my typical supplies are acrylic paints, brush pens, and collage material. However, I do like to dabble with lots of different mediums! My pages are very intuitive, usually digging deep to explore my own feelings, feminism, politics and current affairs, technology, and “darker” themes. 

Above are some of my favorite art journal pages I’ve made throughout the years. To view (pretty much) all of my journals since 2009, please see my Flickr.

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