Hoping to make more art in 2020! Let’s see where the new decade takes me…

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At the start of 2018, I decided I needed another “small” project to keep up my art practice. I attempted to combine the Awesome Ladies Project Book of Me and “My Day Arted” (which was started by Get Messians). However, instead of using a Moleskine diary for My Day Arted, I created small pieces of art and inserted them into pocket pages as a scrapbook/project life/art journal hybrid. Sadly, the project only lasted for a few months.

For the rest of the year I worked in various journals – I received an Alex Foster notebook and a Pentalic black paper journal through Well Inked Box, a mixed paper journal gifted by Vanessa, and an ALP Story Journal to contribute to the Awesome Ladies Project blog series. I also used a mini Moleskine, a large sketchbook for my “making peace with the past” project, a Field Notes journal, and a junk journal I made out of scrap paper.

I created a couple of pet portrait commissions and some standalone coaster art. I also completed Inktober 2018, creating mini portraits on post-its of my Instagram followers and friends as spooky beings (or in their Halloween costumes)! Scroll through to view select journal pages and art from 2018, from newest to oldest:

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I made a LOT of art in 2017. I made art every day as part of Crystal Moody‘s Year of Creative Habits; was a member of Get Messy and took part in 4 seasons (Art 101, Contrast, Color, and Fairytales); I was a Creative Team member for the Awesome Ladies Project, creating journals for the themes for each month, blog posts using the ALP Story Journal and other ALP products to write “letters” to my 18 year old self, and attempted 100 Days of All About Me; I collaborated with Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd and Beatriz Helton; I created and appeared in a number of zines; I had a piece of art appear in an art show; and I was commissioned for pet portraits. Scroll through to view select journal pages and art from 2017, from newest to oldest:

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